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AUGUST 6th and 7th

a performance of "match" by Marc Chun

at the Greenfield Hill Grange (1873 Hillside Road, Fairfield, CT)


National Bone Marrow Donor Registry


come and support us supporting them. I'll update with the times of the performances.
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[26 Dec 2003|02:10pm]
so yeah. christmas was good, but then about an hour ago my cousin calls to tell us that her (step, but for all practical purposes real) father died. he was in bad condition, with diabetes and amputations of his legs and stuff, but still. ehhhh. so now i guess we have to go to florida tonight. wasnt really in our plans. so we're going to try to get a flight, but if not we have to drive. i dont mind tho, we've driven to florida so many times its no big deal. ugh, this is like the 6th funeral i've had to go to in a period of 2 months. but what can you do? nothing. so whatever

I'm supposed to go to the mall with Colleenie in a little while, but I don't know if I'll be able to anymore...hopefully I can, I want to see her so bad, shes my best friend, but I never get to see her anymore. it sucks.

I've been in a shitty mood lately, and I don't know why. I guess everything's just kind of...well, there. I don't know if that makes sense. whatever.

On a lighter note, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) and I wish everyone a happy new year! and have a fun vacation! and be safe! and dont drink and drive! (or just dont drink) and yeah! im outttt
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[25 Dec 2003|01:00pm]

christmas was okay this year...my sister got a new computer, and my brother was sposed to go to leave for mexico tomorrow but hes sick so he cant go, and i got a new double bass pedal its nice, then i got some clothes and other miscellaneous things...the family's coming over today, sylvia might come over too, i hope so, maybe ill go drop colleens present off later this evening if shes not at her dads or some family's house

so all in all christmas was good.

pair of jeans: $40
double bass pedal: $549
Easy Bake Oven from my friends: PRICELESS
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[15 Dec 2003|01:45pm]
Bold what applies to you:

01. I've always been a loner.
02. Pretty boys make me squeal.
03. I love long hair on guys. (sort of. SHAGGY.)
04. I'm second in my class.
05. I have a bad habit of using faces. Like ^^ or XD.
06. I have multiple eating disorders.

07. I hate when people pretend to be bi in order to be trendy.
08. I hate the phrase "metrosexual."
09. My goal in life is to travel.
10. kyo.
11. I detest children.
12. Though I'm still a child at heart.
13. I own you at ping pong.
14. I was in love with Johnny Depp before anyone even considered making The Pirates of the Caribbean.
15. pink is one of the best colors.
16. I am pro-choice.
17. No offense, but I'm sick of seeing Jack Sparrow icons.!!!!!!!
18. People say I have no body fat, but oh, are they wrong.
19. I prefer being single. (sometimes)
20. I'm a jealous person. (sometimes)
21. I hate criticism, even though it helps me more than I think it does.
22. Even so, I don't know how to respond to compliments.
23. I love writing, even though I think my writing is terrible.
24. I wear a ton of makeup.
25. I look at everyone's AIM info everytime their online, even though it rarely changes.
26. I also read everyone's away messages.
27. I have been known to play video games for unhealthy amounts of time.
28. I am passionate about all of my interests.
29. I hate people who hold strong opinions on things they know nothing about
30. I hate when people look over my shoulder
31. I don't like what I look like.
32. I'm a grammar-nazi, and I have the better grammar than anyone else I know.
33. I procrastinate. A LOT.
34. I hate DragonBall Z.
35. I sleep too little.
36. Je parle le francais.
37. I am obsessed with making journal icons.
38. I love Shinya. XD
39. I think Greatest Journal is the best journal site out there.
40. In fact... I really dislike LJ. >.>;
41. I cry over everything.
42. A lot of people in my school dislike me.
43. I complain about everything.
44. I have a very high-pitched voice.
45. I squeek a lot, involuntarily, and often get made fun of for it.
46. I'm indecisive.
47. It makes me mad when things I like become trendy.
48. I could live off of sushi.
49. I have a lot more money than do most of my friends

50. I like guys with dark hair
51. I'm not that attracted to many guys that aren't asian.
52. It is a proven fact that I prefer talking to people online if they use complete sentences and correct grammar/punctuation.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
53. It's easier than most would expect to make me cry.
54. I'm tired of worrying about shit.
55. I correct others' spelling/grammar quite often.
56. I don't play any team sports for my school. ..well i did last year
57. I want to go to Japan and see dir en grey live.
58. I hate sounding obsessed with a musical artist.
59. I like when my friend's write me letters, it makes me feel special.
60. I never want to get married.
61. I like PIRATES!...of Penzance!
62. I hate any alcholic drinks.
63. I prefer urban life over rural life.
64. I'm obsessed with fashion.
65. I like to make my own clothes.
66. My grades are very important to me. *believe it or not....*
67. Contrary to popular belief, I don't hate everyone.
68. But I hate a lot of people.
69. Androgyny is sexy.
70. I hate school.
71. I rant too much.
72. I hog the covers.
73. I'm online a lot.
74. I am a good judge of character.
75. I find it difficult to be friends with stupid people.
76. I am obsessed with anime.
77. I like to read a lot.
78. I can be really mean when I want to.
79. But I can also be more thoughtful than a lot of people.
80. I always try to help others as much as I can.
81. I'm very irratable.
82. I've never cheated in school, and I hate people that do.

83. I've never cheated in a relationship, and if anyone ever cheated on me, he/she would never get a second chance.

84. My parents are divorced.
85. Narrow minded people make me want to get a gun.
86. I have a stepmother.
87. I <33 ice cream but never eat it.
88. I haven't watched The Sound of Music yet.

89. I hate people that cut to be trendy, and I think it's just crazy that there are people who only do that to be cool.
90. I hate having the feeling that I'm not going to go anywhere in life
91. I don't like crowds unless its a show!

92. I hate people that think the mall is the root of all evil. It's just a place. Get over it.
93. I'm not as much of a TV addict as I used to be.
94. Most of my friends hate Bush, but I have no opinion on him. Politics bore me.

95. I am better at keeping secrets than are most of my friends

96. I'm a lazy ass. I really am
97. I love my parents.
98. I am not yet in college, I and have no idea where I'd like to go.
99. When I DO allow myself to get close to people, I get very attatched.
100. I wish there were more numbers on here. I'm on a roll.
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[11 Nov 2003|12:49am]
just say the word
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